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  • i am interested in anyone out there that has any thoughts on a possible theme (prefer custom – but will entertain a “common” = free theme) to use for a domain with an interesting name. please do not laugh or take the domain the wrong way, but if i must say so, the domain is a good idea for a website with a cre8tive play on words.

    i cannot take full credit for the orgination of the domain, a friend of mine from college originally registered it back in 2001, but he decided not to renew it, and i could not pass it up; i have owned it since this time but have not done anything with it.

    anyone with comments or ideas would be appreciative.


    “Preparation H” tml

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  • Okaaaayyyy…. so what’s the creative play on words domain name? How would we have an idea about a theme without that?

    Ah…. I see you edited as I was posting….. hmmm. And what do you intend this site/blog to discuss?

    vkaryl … the “<a href” code did not display the domain correctly .. i mispelled it .. sorry !!

    See my edited post above.

    vkaryl .. not sure .. i suppose the domain would most appropriately be used to showcase good implemenations of HTML or be a resource for HTML usage… it may even be considered as a service website like the sites that offer CSS slicing and coding

    but you know, i am just throwing the domain out there to see what people have to say about it – cre8 a “buzz” .. and maybe someone has some free time or resources to devote to a “developing project” …

    again .. i have no real direction or intention, just would like to do something with it …

    Well, I give you it’s an intriguing “wordplay”. But you need to ideate where you want to go with it.

    I’m not trying to be obtuse or mean…. but really, stop for a bit and do some concentrated thinking about “what’s next”….

    When YOU know “what’s next”, then maybe we can talk some.


    A nice place to browse ideas…

    You could create a healthcare theme. I haven’t seen any out there and I’m sure that it would be popular.

    Most likely, some pain-in-the-ass pharmacist would jump at the chance to use it. 🙂

    healthcare? i suppose so, but not really sure on that one. if anyone is interested i also have several other domains that i would like to make a profitable. so if you are interested, please let me know.


Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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