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  • Hi, i have created a wordpress blog for members only, with images that only full members can see, i have set this up fine. But what i want is when a non-member clicks one of the images to get a full version, it will go to a different page asking them to join the newsletter or blog.

    Non-members get to see only 3 images and if they click them they will get the full image version, what i want is when only non-members click, show ad. I thought i would just change the 3 images that the non-members can see to links to the ad page, but then members will get the ad page also and not the full image.

    There are 3 levels of membership the first gets 3 images, second 6 and full well you no…

    To put it abit more plainly
    So what i`m really after is a message for when guests click an image a new page says “Please join or subscribe now”. they see 3 images.

    When a bronze member clicks an image they see “Please upgrade your membership”. they see 6 images.

    When a gold member clicks an image they see the full image.

    Is there anything out there that could do this? Hmmm…. doubt it. But i`m open to ideas on how, if you have any!

    I hope i have explained my problem clearly, because i`m no great writer

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  • Whoa, that’s some advanced usage!

    Rentacoder is about the only thing I can suggest.

    Good luck!

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