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  • Hi,

    I had a MultiSite WP got hacked so I had to removed everything from the server and database.

    I used BackupBuddy to do the backup for quite a while so I still have the backup files which was supposed to let me restore the whole MultiSite.

    But I tried to restore the sites quite a few times, although the site seemed to be working after restore but I lost access to Network Admin and even with the correct login info I still cannot access it.

    In addition to not able to access Network Admin, all the links and permalinks stop working. No matter which link I clicked, I will be take to the main page (home).

    Is there any other alternative complete backup plugin that will work for MultiSite WP as I still have others sites that are MultiSite WP.



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  • I known Multisite admins who rely on, although I have no experience of it myself.

    The WP-DB-Backup plugin is popular too. You can specify which multisite tables to backup and configure a scheduled backup.

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    Thanks for all the replies. I will try the plugins.

    I will try BackupBuddy. Thanks.


    Please be aware that BackupBuddy is no longer recommended for use with Multisites. (If you are a member, check out their forum area under BackupBuddy (Multisites).


    No longer recommended where? Can you provide a link to the specific forum post?

    Everything I see in the pre-sales area (as I don’t have a license), indicates that they’re currently offering this plugin in beta form for use with multi-site.

    I did find this one post where the Original Poster is asking about some extraneous functionality to update the version of WP alongside migration.

    If it’s a license-only forum, can you paraphrase what’s happened?

    I am not authorized to post information found in the forum, outside of the forum, so to get details I would recommend contacting iThemes support directly. But BackupBuddy for Multisites is in Beta. And, I was informed that it is not intended for use on any sites that are in production. It’s up in the air, but I am not sure if they will be deciding to continue effort on BackupBuddy for Multisites. So please, to be safe, contact their support team for answers to any questions you may have. I would simply not recommend counting on BackupBuddy for use with Multisites, to be solid and reliable (at this time).

    Good luck,

    Thank you for paraphrasing, as it helped to reaffirm what I believed you were initially stating: it’s a beta, not fully functioning (yet).

    I’ve already contacted their support for further information, and eagerly await their feedback. Velocity of response seems to be a problem from what their forums read.

    I’m going to try BackWPuP in the meantime:


    But, it’s actually worse than just “being in beta.” Their recent statement went further by saying they do not plan further development on BackupBuddy for Multisites. And, I am not getting the impression that they’ll be providing support for BackupBuddy / Multisites (since it is not for use on sites that are in production). That’s my impression. Recently, the issue went beyond just “being in beta.” So even though I love BackupBuddy, at this time, I can’t (in good conscience) rely on it for use with sites that I build for my clients. I am very, very .. VERY saddened by their recent decision pertaining to BackupBuddy for Multisites. I was really expecting it to just get better and better .. as time went by. But they (from what I understand) are pulling the plug on BackupBuddy’s Multisite support and development. So .. I would clarify this with them, and let me know what they tell you. You can certainly tell them you spoke to me. My name is Gary Gordon. I’ve been a customer of theirs for almost 3 years now. So .. I sincerely hope they change their mind and will continue it’s development and support. Please let me know what they tell you.

    You can also keep in touch via one of my websites at . Thanks!! Gary

    Thanks for the further clarification Gary.

    Is there another Backup solution you would recommend for multisite use?

    I’m leaning heavy on BackWPUp at the moment, although I’m concerned about the authentication methods they might use for Dropbox/Amazon/Etc.

    I welcome your input.


    I’m looking. hahaha I also like BackWPup, but .. I’m not happy that it’s a free solution (with no guarantees). Backing up my sites, and being able to restore and migrate them, is a top priority to me, so a “free” solution .. unless they stand by their product, it just makes me nervous.

    BackWPup clearly says:
    ** NO WARRANTY SUPPLIED! ** ** Test your Backups! **

    While I understand them saying this .. It still doesn’t sit well with me. I would much prefer them to offer a paid solution with support .. that would say …

    ** NO WORRIES!! ** ** We guarantee our product works everytime!**

    That statement (as I provided above) would make me happy, even if the statement came with certain conditions. But to say “NO WARRANTY SUPPLIED!” is no better than saying … “Use this product at your own risk!!” LOL


    Understood, that seems to me like more of a statement to indemnify them against either transactional data or other data of value.

    I feel confident that no back-up software is going to take fiscal responsibility for your data, your data is in nearly all cases your responsibility.

    If you need that level of reassurance, I would encourage you to look at one of the online SAS (software as service) options like

    Playing with BackWPup right now: it seems to be fairly comprehensive.

    The Dropbox interfaces use oAuth for security and piece of mind.

    I’ll go through and test all the other goodies as I go.

    According the BackWPuP website they’ll be releasing a Paid PRO version here:

    While I can’t find any details about what the PRO version will entail, I can say that **typically** paid plugins incur some liability on the part of the provider.

    That’s awesome.

    I am so looking forward to that.


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