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  • this has been posted at least once before

    by you, please only post in one thread

    sorry i thought i posted in the wrong thread thats why i posted again, my apologies.


    Would work on the text. Lots of headers, many lines of text in italic, relatively small header followed by large font-size paragraph, etc. Organize text using a better hierarchy (h1, h2, h3 and each header followed by a header text and then a paragraph). It is hard to see what is important now.
    Use italic to stress only certain words, not entire sentences. Don’t use many different colors for text. Don’t justify your text. Left align is better as long there is a nice margin or padding.
    And …. I would add a favicon as well. It looks nice in the address or location bar of your browser.

    What you’ve basically done is to have encoded a long sales page into a WP blog post–or was it a page?

    I think people really like balance in a page, especially when they have a lot of large text and images coming at them.

    The problem with those loooonnggg sales pages, is that they are teaching our customers and clients to develop the VERY bad habit of scanning the page without really even reading it–even FASTER than they normally do! Of course, that’s why red, over-sized text is so popular. It’s been known to grab the attention and tell a scanning reader that this might be informative, slow down. As long as it doesn’t overwhelm a page.

    At first, I was enjoying your site. Above the fold, I love the image rotation (too bad they don’t link to posts) and the header’s not bad either; I love the rotating testimonials. Your sidebar modules, “Join now”, “Podcast” and “Subscribe Now” are all above the fold, and makes a visitor think he’s reached an important place. It may slow him down long enough to take a closer look.

    And what does he see when he scrolls down?

    A Loooonnnggg Sales Page.
    I vote no. Sorry.

    P.S. I agree with Rhand about the favicon.

    It will also make your site look more professional, believe it or not!

    Looks like a giant sales pages to me; even though you display some nice pics on top. BTW; your “Yes Mike….” button at the bottom of the page doesn’t work.

    Too much happening on your site. A bit confusing. Lighten it up a bit. And decide what you want to do: have a sales page with free blog content or have a “free betting blog” where you promote Mike’s stuff.

    God Bless;


Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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