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  • Hi

    We have been freelancers for some time, we finally decided (a bit late) that we need an image, branding to go with us.

    And so we launched our site Hartech Softworks , last week, a lot of work is still underway.

    Any feedback / suggestions, etc from experienced WordPress’s like your self would be great.

    Thanks 🙂

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  • The way that recent tweets are displayed in three vertical boxes with one word on each line is really odd, and just looks wrong.

    Apart from that it’s all neat and tidy and clean and easy to navigate (imo).

    Thanks for the feedback John, I cannot seem to replicate that on any browser, the tweets do not appear to be one word per line, may I know the exact browser that you are using ?

    It looks good, I like the colours. I would say the same as JohnPope, the vertical twitter looks odd. I’m use Safari on Mac.

    I have the problem on Safari and just tried from my Android phone and have exactly the same.

    Thanks AppDucate, I can’t seem to replicate it, I am running on Windows based machines here.

    Thanks once again JohnPope, are you referring to this:

    I’m talking about this: IMAGE

    Just tried it in Safari, Chrome, Firefox and Opera on the Mac, and also on the standard Android mobile browser, and it looks the same in all of those.

    That is strange indeed. Thank you very much for your time JohnPope. I will take a look at that.

    Just an update – now showing 5 vertical columns instead of 3 with hyphenated words.

    Also, I get the same problem on Windows with IE7 & IE8.

    Yup there were two updates on Tweeter so it must have just added it there keeping the formatting.

    Still can’t replicate the issue so it’s gonna be hard to fix.

    BTW: JohnPope how did you get a link on your username ?

    Alright JohnPope it appears that that bug on the Twitter feed has been fixed.

    Yep, looks good from here.

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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