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    My WP Missed Schedule plugin is ok and work fine, but W3 Total Cache “dbcache” module was reported to many users and blogs to break Missed Scheduled for more and more clean WordPress installations … without (and with) my plugin.

    W3 Total Cache “object cache disk” is problematics …

    W3 Total Cache “disk basic” and “minify” work fine with WP Missed Schedule.

    This is the latest topic for this question: all other same questions was dropped!



    Remember that (any) caching will prevent WP Cron from being called unless you have a lot of WP Admin activity. So you will want to set up a system cron to call it to make it more reliable.

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    This thread is off topic: please stop to “blame” my plugin support!

    Thanks 🙂

    Well… we’ll see what happens tonight. I”ve got a bunch of posts scheduled. Fingers crossed.

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    Also JetPack and others “social publishing plugins” stop WordPress Missed Scheduled to work.

    Well, something bizarre is happening, because tonight all my posts published 6 hours early … just suddenly happend out of nowhere, but I’m 99% certain it’s related to a fight between W3Cache and this plugin … not sure I’ll be able to keep this one on.

    Anyone willing to submit a bug submission form from the support tab of the W3TC plugin will help me investigate so that we can get this fixed?

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    For all: please read here befor posting or reviewing 🙂

    Frederick Townes wrote:

    Anyone willing to submit a bug submission form from the support tab of the W3TC plugin will help me investigate so that we can get this fixed?

    Fantastic spam thread!

    P.S. nickaster: your site is misconfigured and cached files was not correctly served …

    sLa – what did you see that was misconfigured?

    Fredrick – happy to do that. I’m going to let it go one more night and see if the problem happens again. Could have been some kind of fluke.

    sLa – to answer your questions on the site:

    01 – Version 2013.0130.2222
    02 – WordPress Version – 3.5.1
    03 – Detailed PHP Version Used … no idea, can get later
    04 – Detailed SQL Used … no idea, can get later
    05 – Detailed Server Type QS-1 –
    06 – Hosting Used (
    07 – Hosting Type (Dedicated)
    08 – WordPress TimeZone – All Pacific
    09 – Detailed WordPress Memory and PHP Allocated
    10 – Caching Plugin (W3 Total Cache)
    11 – Caching Method (Disk Basic)
    12 – Exactly Numbers of Plugin Used and Loaded – lots.

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    1 – All two database+server hosting and WordPress was syncronized for “Pacific Time” really!

    2 – Try to disable “object cache module”

    3 – Clean W3 Total Cache (completely) and waiting normal proxies flushing propagation …

    4 – Use a plugin to view “cron process” (wp-crontrol for example)

    5 – Try forked W3 Total Cache instead official release …

    6 – Try WP Missed Schedule Version 2013.0131.3333

    7 – Verify the possibility of other plugins conflict

    8 – Verify that CDN really work …

    9 – Disable caching for loggedin users (administrator for example)

    10 – Downgrade WordPress 3.5.1 to 3.4.2

    nickaster wrote: what did you see that was misconfigured?

    Your cached files was not correctly served … configure all W3 total Cache functions (for example browser caching) …

    P.S. Your W3 Total Cache Version used?

    Thanks… i’ll let it run for testing purposes tonight and look into that tomorrow.

    What did you see that showed that “Your cached files was not correctly served” … it’s the latest W3.

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    User that visit your site download all new version of your data instead cached version.

    That’s odd…. so you mean, it doesn’t seem cached at all? When I look at my source code I see – <!– Performance optimized by W3 Total Cache. Learn more:

    Page Caching using disk: basic
    Object Caching 1567/1594 objects using disk: basic
    Content Delivery Network via Amazon Web Services: CloudFront:

    Served from: @ 2013-05-06 20:00:22 by W3 Total Cache –>

    Sorry to take this off topic, but I’m curious how you determined that?

    Okay – well it happened again… around 11pm Pacific time every single post published even though nothing was supposed to be published until about 2 am the following day… maybe it’s a time zone problem? 3 hours seems to suggest that perhaps the pluging thinks this is east coast time.

    Would that be possible?

    Yes I’m sure of it….the server is actually located on east coast time. So perhaps the plugin thinks it’s 3 hours later than it actually is. It seems like the plugin not correctly looking at the time zone that I have set the site to function in.

    This actually makes sense. Don’t think it has anything to do with W3 Cache or any cache at all.

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