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  • I run – a free wordpress MS for schools in the UK and everything was fine until I broke something yesterday. I spent 10 hours today trying to restore it and I need a fresh pair of eyes but there is only me in the office.

    Anyone willing to share a screen to help out?

    I have tried restoring from .sql backup but I still get a white screen ;/

    My setup is pretty complex so only apply if you are confident with larger deployments. I don’t usually ask for help but this time my back is really up against the wall.


    Note: I can’t actually start trying to resolve this until a slightly older .sql has finished relaying into the blog so maybe 30 minutes or so from now.

    I’m on skype/gmail/whatever so just ping me! Thanks, PS some credentials would be handy as I am going to share a screen with you if that is okay.

    Note: I have tried pretty much every piece of documentation to try to resolve this issue.

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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