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  • On my site everything was working fine. I’d made a number of changes to the theme’s stylesheet, none major.

    This morning I went in and added another class to the stylesheet, updated it and suddenly the layout was completely screwed. I removed my change, the layout remaine messed up.

    I uploaded the theme’s original stylesheet and it was back to normal (without my changes of course).

    I tried to make one change (a padding size) and once again the layout was destroyed.

    If I make (or attempt to undo) *any* changes to this stylesheet whatsoever the layout is trashed – I mean elements are all over the page. This was not happening until this morning – any advice greatly welcome!

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  • It’s possible to make changes to the stylesheet without wrecking everything.

    However, from your description, we can’t know what types of changes you made, nor what errors might have been introduced.

    But, as a guess, I’d say that your padding added extra width to an element such that other elements were displaced.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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