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  • I have mostly finished my new website, and am interested in any suggestions or advice about it.
    Bockholt Landscape Architecture
    The one problem I already know I have and am trying to remedy is that my menu and backgrounds have disappeared in my blog posts. I am running the contrast theme, and haven’t figured out how this happened yet, so if anyone reviewing this has any comments on that, they would be much appreciated as well

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  • Very nice site! Easy on the eye, lots of images which in your case is extremely useful of course. As far as the slideshow goes, I worked with a few of those and they all had a setting to choose if you’d want it on just the frontpage or on other pages as well. Maybe that’s the case here too. Other then that, I’m sure you’ll gain a lot of customers!

    Gavin Owlsen


    Your site’s great but it will be delightful if you can divide your bio into few section/paragraph. It looks crowded to me. Just an honest review.

    Moderator Andrew Nevins


    Forum moderator

    Thanks Gavin, good point! I will do that.

    I think the submenus should have a transition, be it opacity or a slide. Also, the font used for the right side of the page is too boring when compared to the rest of the site. There’s a lot going on there and if you want someone to actually read your text, make it interesting.

    Agree with the suggestions above. I like the design. It would be good if your menu could be dropped down a little so it’s not over your logo.

    Thnaks invot and annemy. invot any suggestions about what font? Annemy, what os, and browser were you using? Usually the menu doesn’t cover the logo, maybe it would if you were zoomed in like 150% or something.

    Your site looks great! As been said before I think the only problem is with the sub menus. In my computer they kind of overlap! It better if the menu is in the header and colored blue, or its a drop down. Anyway, other than that – great design!

    I would suggest using a sans-serif like Gotham or Avenir. And add a 1px letter spacing. Tracking out text gives it a sense of elegance.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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