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  • Hi Andrea!

    This is about smooth scrolling and top menu display upon scrolling. You got me really curious. Thing is, I couldn’t get it to work on several different browsers, including Chrome and IE. Neither my installation, nor your demo displayed correctly.

    However, there were two exceptions. First of all, your main page ( which is obviously crafted from this theme displays correctly. And second, the demo displays correctly (even though they have only blog mode, but the menu renders correctly when scrolling and the top social menu disappears).

    I started digging around, because those were obviously three identical installations (your demo, demo and my sandbox), one of which behaved differently.

    So I whipped out my Xubuntu netbook and went to check. And what do you know, everything rendered more or less correctly. Smooth scrolling, menu collapsing. So I went back to my Windows desktop and started digging around. My first stop was security software, of course. Several checks later it became obvious that the anti-banner module was blocking something from loading, thus preventing the page from rendering correctly. I’d assume that it’s some Javascript which is loaded externally. Or something this Javascript was dragging in from outside.

    So here is the question. Can you possibly pinpoint what it can possibly be? What is different script-wise between your website page and the demo? And I still wonder why antivirus doesn’t flag anything on the demo, but flags it on both my site and your demo.

    Thing is, if something in your code is conflicting with anti-banner software, there will be issues. If you manage to find and resolve it, I swear I will change my review to 5 stars at once, even without fonts. 🙂

    UPD: It has something to do with jquery.magnific-popup.min.js. That’s what is getting blocked by the antivirus. Please check.

    UPD 2: Can the jquery.magnific-popup.min.js file be renamed? The word “popup” in it seems to trigger anti-banner software (yes, I’m still digging through the security suite journal :)).

    I still don’t understand why the demo flew under the radar, though.

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