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    Please take a look at our spam-preventing KeyCAPTCHA WordPress plug-in for:

    • registration forms,
    • contact forms,
    • blog comments,
    • etc.

    Some features,
    see more details and try out on-line live demo at our website

    • Has never been cracked
    • Bot activities are monitored and captcha pool (including new types) are upgraded preventively
    • Unique: Captcha type is changeable by our team without the need of plugin reinstallation at protected websites
    • No wiggled symbols typing, only drag-dropping graphic elements
    • Many levels of advanced protection against spam bots, in constant upgrade

    Also available through site:

    KeyCAPTCHA Team
    twit us: @keycaptcha

      Try out our Email protection from web harvesters by KeyCAPTCHA at:
      Now you can publish your link for Email in forums,wiki, webpages, etc.
      No installation needed
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  • Please read carefully ToS (Terms of Service) of free online services like this KeyCAPTCHA

    Or don’t be surprised why your and your users personal info data entered into registration form end up in spammers databases

    KeyCAPTCHA has already been unpublished for fraud from Joomla Extension Directory for fraud

    KeyCAPTCHA does not collect visitors’ private information.

    The author of the groundless accusations is a technically illiterate person.
    Everyone can be convinced of his illiteracy by using FireBug or any other tools which show all outgoing traffic from a browser. KeyCAPTCHA sends just data which are required for CAPTCHA validation process. And it will never be changed.

    By now our service doesn’t have any financial problems. That is why we are changing the TOS of our paid service “Personolized CAPTCHA” without rush. We are going to launch our “Personolized CAPTCHA” in June. And we won’t close our free standard KeyCAPTCHA service.

    Looks like that these groundless accusations are planned competitors’ action against KeyCAPTCHA because these groundless accusations have been submitted to a few other websites. They used just two nicknames and conducted their action in one day.

    If you find groundless accusations like these please contact us via KeyCAPTCHA website.

    Thanks in advance,
    KeyCAPTCHA Team

    KeyCAPTCHA does not collect visitors’ private information

    What a magic!
    And how does mentioned in your original post operate without collecting/storing and providing Emails back online?

    AFAIK, your services require registration and Email verification.

    I can hardly recall any online service, even a commercial one, which databases were not being systematically cracked, leaked or misused if they are cared/protected with proper dilligence at all since when users enter (by their free will) their personal data or Emails most services consider them their own property.

    It is an open secret that any services monetize “aasets” accumulated and free ones in the most convoluted to their users ways. Otherwise, the question is how they are being financed and for which final purpose and ROI.

    In case of a company liquidation the users databases are being openly sold as assets and this hardly infringes any current laws, at least in the USA or Russia.
    So, there is even no point in reading ToS.

    The main question is who would be accountable for intentional or unintentional breach (leak or misuse) of data and under which jurisdiction (or using which definitions).

    It is easily traceable that the company associated with KEYCAPTCHA operates from Russia using the title of Mersane, Lts. located in the USA.
    This asks for an explanation to potential and current users

    Dear Visitors,

    The person spreading a slander and a lie regarding the KeyCAPTCHA Service uses different nicknames on different web resources.
    He thinks up his new slander and lie from time to time.

    You can find it out by googling “KeyCAPTCHA is under attack” (quoted).

    This person extorted money from our employee. And he had been caught by the police when he was taking the money.
    This person alleges that he had been our employee. But it is the lie.
    We are not going to conceal that he assisted us in supporting our twitter account.
    But after the numerous reprimands regarding the quality of his messages on our twitter, we had fulfilled all our obligations to this person and renounced his assistance.
    But he has never been an employee of our company.
    We just had a verbal agreement with this person.

    Here are a couple of facts regarding his slander:
    The Twitter support team had blocked his 3 accounts of his slander and lie on the KeyCAPTCHA Service right after our request and his 2 accounts without our requests. support team has blocked his 2 accounts of the same lie.

    We would appreciate if you send us URLs of pages with his slander and without this reply.
    To do it please, use

    We are not going to reply to his future messages on this website. It is not our goal.
    We just wanted to publish the facts regarding this person.

    Please be careful when reading information from this person.

    Our service and company are absolutely legal.

    Here are the variants of using KeyCAPTCHA:

    1. You earn money by using KeyCAPTCHA. In this case, we pay you for ads in KeyCAPTCHA on your website.
    2. You pay us for personal CAPTCHAs. In this case, you can use your own images to create your own CAPTCHAs (containing your or third-party advertisement or without any ads) which will be displayed on your websites.
    3. Combination of 1 and 2.
    4. Free KeyCAPTCHA. In this case, you don’t earn money, and you don’t pay us. If you choose this way, we will display our standard CAPTCHAs (without any ads) on your websites.

    We appreciate your understanding and sorry for the inconvenience,
    KeyCAPTCHA Team

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