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  • I’m very impressed with WordPress… A good friend of mine uses GreyMatter and he’s told me a couple of strange stories about it’s behaviour. I’m glad to say that not only was installation of WordPress a complete doddle but I’ve had no problems since.
    One of the key objectives was to create a site that respects the relevant standards but at the same time goes out of it’s way to break IE.
    have a peep: or if you are an IE visitor using a PC wanting to bypass the rant page, try
    One of the things I’m most proud of is the fading scroll at the top of the page.
    Loads more to do on the site but I’m confident that WordPress will continue to provide everything I need.
    Thanks to the developers and testers everywhere!
    Cheers – Robert.

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  • hmm… forgot my own login!

    Hey, I like that transparency at the top of your page. Transparent png I presume. Never thought of it myself, but it looks good, especially with lots of text! Perhaps I’ll steal :):) the idea from you for my own site…
    A shame that IE doesn’t support png so well…

    steal what you want… the header is a PNG that fades from opaque white to completely transparent.
    the logo is “fixed” (CSS that will give IE a headache) and has a z-index greater than the header.
    the only downside to this approach is that the z-index of the header being greater than the body of the site means that if the user tries click a link that’s behind the faded area (but still visible) nothing will happen because the header has a higher z-index value. it’s a tradeoff.
    thanks for the feedback.

    If you read robert’s post above you’ll notice he intended for the page to break badly in IE. Ironically, it doesn’t break very well, and while it doesn’t look as intended, it still looks nice.

    My blog, , is not exactly IE friendly. If viewed in Firefox or Mozilla, the borders to all containers are 3D raised and curve-cornered; it looks great. If viewed in IE, they are flat and one-color and the right column is wider than the left (even though they are defined to be the same width). Also, if viewed in IE 5.5 or older (what we use at work) the right column overlaps the center content column. All the dimensioning is done in CSS, which IE doesn’t play well with.

    Hmm… why go out of your way to bash IE? It’s the majority. It will be the majority. There’s no reason to hate on it.. it’s fair to be frustrated with it’s interpretations of some rendering, but I see no need to go out of my way to ‘break IE’ (not like it’s that hard, even pure CSS can crash the browser.
    Your blog’s… plain I suppose. And while the header is a cool effect, it would be nice to see it incorperated in another manner… using position:fixed (which, btw can be accomplished with IE7) there are so many cool opportunities to use transparent pngs (also available to IE through a few small hacks).

    it’s not a case of going of of my way to base IE, more going out of my way to create something that validates as standards compliant content and at the same time makes the failings of IE apparent…
    it’s because IE is in the majority that i feel this way. and the need to implement even a single “hack” to make something work just demonstrates the need for more people to do something about it.
    and i don’t hate IE, it’s perfect for one thing… windows update!

    it’s perfect for one thing… windows update!

    No, it’s perfect for one thing: downloading Firefox or Opera 😉


Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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