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  1. bobby25
    Posted 7 years ago #

    Hello and nice to meet you all :)

    I am i newbie in wordpress stuffs and few months ago i start as well a few blogs.I do not have any major problem with this great cms.Write posts,uploud pics and keep the content fresh for surfers.But i realized that my blog is hotlinking from a lowlife person :( He already burn around 20% from my bandwith and send around 4 k per day.
    I read about htaccess and i stop him to hotlinking my images from my server, but it seem to hotlinking my hole wordpress!:( .My feeling is that the scumbags steal my content via rss feed.Can you tell me please , exist a way to dezactivate at all the rss feed,or to change the rss feed? How can i do that please? Exist a solution for this annoying trouble?

    Anticipate thanks

  2. bobby25
    Posted 7 years ago #

    no solution ?!

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