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  • Hi,

    My wordpress sites are hosted on a server with an anti-hacking filter. This gives problems with wordpress.
    The provider gave me for wordpress 2.5 2 solutions to solve this:

    line 5:

    $messages[1] = sprintf( __( ‘Post updated. Continue editing below or go back.’ ), attribute_escape( stripslashes( “http://”.
    $_GET[‘_wp_original_http_referer’] ) ) );

    from line 53:

    $location = preg_replace(‘|http%3A%2F%2F|’, ”, $location); $location = preg_replace(‘|http://|’, ”, $location);

    (I had also to find the simular lines in page.php and add this there)

    For as far I can see, this works for 2.6
    But now it is also not possible to directly access the wp-admin (
    So i like to hear what i do have to change here.

    I asked my provider what the main problem was so I can send this to you, maybe you can add this in a new version of WP.
    My php knowlegde is not good enough to understand, but you surely know what I am talking about:
    they advies to configure =http:// in the backend in stead of in the querystring.
    I hope this make sense to you and that it is possible to change this lines in the next version of wordpress

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  • I’ve been looking in de index.php, but maybe the problem is in one of the files that are called in the index.php, like admin.php.
    Problem is that I have no clue where to look for, so also no clue what to change. hope someone can help me out here.

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