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  • I ran into the issue with having to update the recaptcha key. The instructions say to update echo recaptcha_get_html(‘SITE_KEY’)
    recaptcha_check_answer(‘SECRET_KEYspots but it seems those spots have changed.

    After some googling, reading and scrunching my face a whole bunch as I tried to suss out where to put the recaptcha keys, I finally had sussing success ( and I believe all the face scrunching paid off to ) of where to place the keys.

    Find the answer below

    We will edit the shortcodes.php in two spots and that makes this the part where you save a backup copy of shortcodes.php before modifying the file.

    Edit 1!
    Search in the shortcodes.php for $captcha = recaptcha_check_answer( – you should find it at line 367, then go down to line 371 and replace between the ” the number you find there with your Secret Key from your recaptcha registration. (Yes, go get your keys… First!)

    Edit 2!
    Search again in the shortcodes.php for echo recaptcha_get_html, you should find it at line 609. Take your Site Key from your recaptcha account that you created above and replace what you find between the(”) next to echo recaptcha_get_html at line 609.

    Save, upload, reload your form and feel mighty groovy that the error is now gone.

    To the plugin author, My most hearty thanks for creating this plugin as it fit exactly what I needed to accomplish.

    To everyone please have a most awesome day!


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