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  • Hey guys, see, I don’t know much about that php-stuff etc, but I set up a wordpress installation and customized it and it was really easy and went very well. It’s a great site (without content…)

    Now, I think about using WordPress for my portfolio site, I’m a print designer so I gotta show some examples, I’ve only a splashscreen since like 4 years.

    What I want to do is have one subdomain for all print-stuff (it’s own categories, links etc.) and the same for photo-stuff. Now probably all the information, contact, equipment etc. on another subdomain.

    Like and and

    My question to you: should I even bother looking into subdomain plugins and all that subdomains bring with them, or, as a code-novice, just set up 3 WordPress-installations and -databases? I could copy the theme and even change it slightly.

    But then I imagine it rather circuitous to have to log into 3 different accounts. But everything I read about managing multiple subdomains with one WordPress seems to involve lots of problems and is 2 years old.

    Also, when I FIRST call my current WP site it takes really long for it to load. Without content! If switching between those 3 subdomains would take that long it would render it unusable. (Vanilla loads much faster; my guess is the hostingprovidercombination…)

    So, what do you think, what’s the deal today? Is there an easy way that works to accomplish the above?

    P.S.: It’s about a place for my stuff!

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