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  • I did search. Most of what I found was about using plugins, etc. But I don’t want a plugin.

    Still using the old ver 1.5

    My site:

    I have comments disabled. I don’t want comments. Got bots still bombarding me, 200+ per day.

    Can I just delete the comments directory or something? Be gentle, I don’t really know what I’m doing here.

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  • whooami



    Still using the old ver 1.5


    there is no comments directory

    how gentle do you want anyone to be here? youre running a version of wordpress that is atleast one year old, is exploitable all over the place, and generally a menace to the entire Internet.

    One hacked site, and yes, thats easily yours, and you’ve provided another leap point for more hacked sites.

    Rather than ask ppl here that take the time and work to make their sites safe, for themselves, and for others, to help you — how about your help us and upgrade your site, please?

    I will happily show you just how insecure your current blog is::

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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