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  • I recently installed WordPress and imported everything from Blogger. They blog is now very slow to load, the main page and most other things you go to. I’ve read may slow load topics and have tried a thing to 2 but nothing speeds it up. My host only says reinstall… but I’ll lose all my customization!!

    I’m a bit new to all the html but I am trying to learn! Thanks to anyone that might be able to shed some light on the subject.

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  • What customizations have you done? Reinstalling won’t wipe out your customizations if you’ve done it the right way (only make changes to wp-contents/) and back up your plugins and themes and uploads directories.

    As to the slowness, what plugins are you using? Maybe it’s one of the plugins cauing the slow-down.

    Thanks for the reply alrescha.
    The customizations are mainly graphics related. I found a template I like and modified the header graphic, a few of the other small graphics and the repositioned the header text. This took a lot of trial and error to get it right so that’s why I’m worried about a reinstall.
    Plug ins that are active are only Ajax Spell Checker (which doesn’t seem to work) and Comment Quicktags. I will try to deactive them and see.
    As for reinstall… how is that done? My install (which I did twice) was done off of a help page from my host. I was using blogger and came wordpress. The install is done right off the web. I really like wordpress and want to continue using it but I’ve got to get it faster to make it useable.

    Maybe your graphics files are too big? Check the sizes to see if you can slim them down.

    For reinstalling, you can go to the WordPress Codex, there are detailed instructions on how to install.

    I’m not sure how reinstalling would help anything, though.

    Thanks again alrescha. I’ll read the install stuff. If I was to change to the default theme to test that speed I should not lose my customizations, correct?

    also, I’ve noticed some slow post threads where it looks like someone knowledgable would look at the site in question and kind of run a diagnostic on it… I certainly know begger can’t be choosers but do you know how to do that?

    Sure, changing it to the default theme would tell if it was indeed a problem with your theme, and your customizations will stay intact (in your current theme, of course).

    As for a diagnostic, I’m sorry to say that’s way out of my league.

    Thanks one more time alrescha. I did change the themes around a few times and test. it seems they all load at about the same rate. It seems to take about 5 – 7 second to load the blog. Maybe this is just normal for WordPress? The old site at blogger seemed to load a lot faster. It seems that most administrative tasks I do takes a good 5 -7 seconds to happen….

    I’m running 2.1 and recently installed it. I have no graphics and I am running a simple theme. I read about wp-cache and have that installed, followed the instructions and still have slow load times. Im considering a re-install but dont want to go there yet. One string mentioned removing “categories” from the sidebar, and this seemed to help some but the results have been intermittent.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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