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[Resolved] Another sidebar issue

  • Hello everyone,
    i noticed there are a lot of “how to remove sidebar” topics in the forum.
    My problem is that none of it works for me. http://agrohol.com/ this is the site i’m working on. You can see that in the right corner there is a blue rectangle. It used to be my sidebar. I remove all things from it in appearance-widgets, and only the stupid In Archive left. So the only solution i found was to put an empty text widget. The problem is that this site will be very important and I can’t figure it out how to remove that sh*t. It’s screwing the positioning of all the things in the site.
    Basicly i need a complete removal of the sidebar. I;m using responsive theme.
    I will be very grateful if someone can help me.
    P.S Sorry about my not so good language, but English is not my native language.

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  • Ankit Singla


    On the internal page — there seems to be widget area on the right.

    You may be having a full-width template to be chosen when creating a page.
    That way it won’t have sidebar in it.

    The other not so much technical way is ::

    .page #widgets { display:none; }

    remember the (dot)page (hash)widgets { display:none; }

    add the above line in custom.css — through wp admin.

    i can say only 1 thing… I LOVE YOU…. TYTYTY

    Jan Dembowski
    Volunteer Mod. & Brute Squad


    Dawww, now that’s nice!

    If ak.singla’s solution worked for you, would you mind marking this topic resolved on the right? He’ll get non-transferable we-appreciate-it-a-lot points when you do. 🙂

    Ankit Singla


    Really, I didn’t know that — I am myself unknown to such things in this forum.


    no problem. its done. Btw just for the others to know i resolved it with the full widht option.

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