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  • Sorry, but the dashboard of WordPress serves next to no purpose to me, especially the self induglent Other WordPress News feed… it regularly takes 25+ seconds (screenshot) for the admin interface to load, completely unacceptable…

    I remember it got a lot of criticism in WP1.5, and yet it remains… pointless as ever.

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  • You could always open the wp-admin/index.php in your favorite text editor and remove the offending lines…

    Or better yet..just redirect yourself to wp-admin/write.php or something..


    I just use Angsuman’s dashboard plugin version 2 and love it.

    Speed is important. The default dashboard should be fast.

    As mush as I kinda agree that I see no real reason for the dashboard, I look at it as a good place for new users to the blog/website ( I have a blog that is being setup for 30 or 40 some users.. a group of woodcutters that are not computer users per say)… if these ppl logged in and didn’t hit a dashboard page they would be lost… as sad as that sounds, it’s true.
    I do what others suggested and go right to the page I’m wanting to hit via the address bar and not going into the dashboard.
    What I’d like to see done is for the ability to make your own dashboard…

    You can certainly make your own. Simply edit the wp-admin/index.php file to meet your own requirements. (Keep in mind that this is known as “hacking core files” – some people aren’t happy about this. If you do this, you need to comment around the sections you change and/or delete, keep notes in a separate file on what you did and the date and the files affected, BACKUP BEFORE YOU START, and remember that you will have to hack the same files every time there’s a version increment.)

    Another option is the wp-dash plugin from

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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