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  • Hello, I’m getting this warning:

    The filters won’t work correctly.
    Another plugin(or theme) has loaded outdated Select2.js

    when opening page /wp-admin/admin.php?page=wc-order-export&tab=export

    I don’t know if that’s related to my main problem or not.

    My main problem is that I would like to export all orders (trying to move the site onto a fresh wordpress install) I’m unable to do so: the generated .csv/json file contains no data (well, .csv contain 1 line with column headers of selected properties to export).

    I’ve tried to debug:
    1. no csv get generated on the server side as a file on file system, so we get only what the web browser gets to download.
    2. nothing gets written to error_log file (not sure what exactly write there).
    3. the amount of properties to export doesn’t matter: I’ve tried to export just order IDs and it still fails (and by the way takes too much time for such a simple operation).
    4. the export format doesn’t seem to matter either: I’ve tried to export to .csv and to .json – no data.

    My wordpress is outdated (4.8.12), but woocommerce and your plugin are both recent (3.1.1).

    Why doesn’t it export?

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  • Plugin Author



    if you want to move orders “as is” – could you try this way ?
    1. >Tools>Export>Orders (old website)
    2. >Tools>Import>WordPress (new website)

    if you still want to use our plugin – please, share the settings.
    use >WooCommerce>Export Orders>tab “Tools” to get them.
    thanks, Alex

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