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  • @jonathanwaters

    Hi! Thanks for writing.

    (I came across this thread becasuse I saw it under “wps-hide-login” support feed.)

    Interesting… since you pointed it out, I’m noticing it now too. they do have large parts of the readme identical.

    ( “WPS Hide Login”, at:
    , and
    “Rename wp-login.php”, at: )

    After searching around the respective source codes looking for a clue how this came to be. Here’s notes of what I found:

    Looking through the version histories, this can be found in the readme of the “WPS Hide Login” plugin:

    “…Initial version. This is a fork of the Rename wp-login.php plugin, which is unmaintained …” ( )

    In other words, this tells us that that “Rename wp-login.php” came first, but then in April 2015, “WPS Hide Login” came along and forked the code.

    What else is different about the plugins?

    Well they seem to have much of the same functionality. However looking at the two codebases side-by-side, there are significant differences in how they are coded. For example the “Rename wp-login.php” uses largely a single file, whereas the “WPS Hide Login” splits the uninstall code into its own file.

    The ironic thing is that since April 2015, it seems like another author came along, and assumed ownership of the old codebase. And apparently now both plugins are popular and seem to have some degreee of support!

    I think the answer is to just pick whichever plugin you prefer, and go with it!

    What do you think?

    Thanks commenting on this @mjjojo and @jonathanwaters!

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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