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    Another plugin, WP-Cron Status Checker (, is wrongly deactivating Google Fonts Typography. As you can see in the screencast below, when I hit Deativate link, check the feedback form, and click on to have WP-Cron Status Checker deactivated, it instead deactivates Google Font Typography.

    Screencast video:

    I’ve seen this behavior in two websites I have where both plugins are installed. I’ve tried deactivating other plugins, in two separate websites, and the issue I describe only happens when trying to deactivate WP-Cron Status Checker. I’ve already brought this up on their support forum, but I thought I’d also give you guys a heads-up, so that you become aware of it and in case the issue may also result from a bug in GFY’s code.

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    Thanks for taking the time to isolate this issue @cbrandt! We will watch your thread closely and hopefully the plugin author can resolve this issue.

    Hi @dannycooper, this is Leo from Freemius. The issue is relevant both to the Freemius SDK and to the Google Fonts Typography plugin. I investigated the issue and noticed that in the /olympus-google-fonts/assets/js/deactivation.js file of the Google Fonts Typography plugin, there is code that binds a click event to all elements with the button-deactivate class which happens to be the same class that is used in the Freemius SDK’s deactivation feedback dialog. Maybe instead of targeting all .button-deactivate elements, the target class can be prefixed with some parent class? I would appreciate it if you could also take a look at the relevant code in the /olympus-google-fonts/assets/js/deactivation.js file.

    Plugin Author DannyCooper


    Thanks for the heads up on this @leorw. We’ve now added a pseudo-namespace so this shouldn’t happen again.

    Let me know if I can help with anything else.


    Thanks @dannycooper for the very quick fix. and thanks @leorw for investigating.

    Thank you so much @dannycooper!

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