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  • Well it took awhile for to get here. I would really appreciate any critques and feedback. I think that the main issue is that IE fails to load my site correctly but I am not sure what to do about that anymore. I am not sure how to center the flash slideshow on my homepage and blog page any further. thanks

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  • Please someone can you ceck it out

    Very nice design over all.
    However when not viewing on a widescreen monitor, I’ve got to scroll left/right.

    ok thanks for the heads up. I’ll check to see if I can screen it down. I am just worried that is not showing up correctly in IE

    Your site works well in FireFox and no scroll issues for me. I checked it with IE7 and couldn’t get the store page loading, nor the film strip on your about and contact page.

    I think whats happening is that there is a lot of information being downloaded and I’m assuming that Internet Explorer is sort of timing out if it cant download the data fast enough and so hiding your page elements.

    It looks really good in FireFox though and runs smoothly and quite fast 🙂

    ok thank you. I am not sure what is wrong with IE because it is working on my IE. maybe you can check again if possible. Thanks

    Good Job, if you really took these photos.

    wow, I do like the backround color and shade and light thing)))
    I like thepictures and the slide show a lot….
    although, something was missing….maybe a bit more of the content??
    or a small chain of litle pictures below… know what I mean?
    Something like these:

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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