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  • I know that there have been a lot of questions about the operations aborted problem and I am sorry for posting another but I really need help getting rid of it on my site. It is a huge nuissance. My website is Please help me. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you

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  • Can someone please help me with this??

    What do you mean “operation aborted”? I don’t see any problems with your blog.

    I am sorry I didn’t explain too well. When the blog is viewed on IE 7 you see an operation aborted box.

    thanks but now my problem is I don’t know what to remove from my code to get rid of the problem. I know this may be asking much but can someone tell me what is wrong with my code. Her problem was a lightbox plugin and she just removed it. I only have two plug in the audio player plug in and cystats.

    To identify the bad plugin, temporarily disable your plugins one by one and check if the problem goes away each time. If one of the plugins is causing it, download the latest version of the plugin if available, contact the plugin author, or choose a different plugin.



    I had the same problem – although I had manually built lightbox into my theme. The solution was to move the js script tags for lightbox into the footer just above the </body> tag. I also read that the plugin solution is to change the code to ensure it executes in wp_footer, rather than wp_head. A clunky fix I know, but if you really want lightbox (or maybe other scripts that cause the same problem) then it seems to work!

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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