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  • Not sure the theme name does justice to the theme, as it’s very well organised in terms of layout. Nice use of pastel colours. Good to see something different.

    The rollover colour on the menu perhaps could change, as it makes it difficult to read.

    Also noticed that the link to title of the page isn’t available until hovering over the top of the text, rather than on the text.

    I like what you’ve done with WP. It’s actually rather refreshing.

    Thanks for your kind comments and input, Jinsan.

    I made the title div clickable and changed the rollover color on the menu as you suggested.

    As far as the name, well… I’d welcome suggestions on that, too.


    I agree, that’s really nice! One thing I noticed is that the top of the Comments line is covered by the post. I’m on Firefox.

    see it here:

    ah nicely spotted, perhaps adding:

    .comments {
    margin-top: 10px;

    could do the trick

    as for names…I couldn’t really say, I’m not very good at naming themes, I was original to all my own theme Meadow, thugh I started off with Moo and worked my way up the ladder!

    Thanks for the heads up … and the screencap, oriecat!

    Jinsan, I did consider of “Out of the Box” but that didn’t make any sense either. [shrug]

    Stick with Borderline Chaos marianne, what’s in a name anyway 🙂 Saves a few braincells not trying to come up with something fancy, I mean come on meadow – how long do you think it took to come up with that?


    Ok, for what it’s worth…

    Download the theme

    You could place this in Your WordPress the title being Borderline Chaos Theme:)


    In the documentation I’ve credited both you and oriecat for your help in troubleshooting this theme. Thanks again!

    Why thank you, but there was really no need, but thanks:)

    When I downloaded it, my presentation folder says it’s a broken theme. It says the stylesheet is missing. How to I resolve this?
    I also get a 404 error message when I go to any of the borderline chao links at

    Check that you don’t have an additional folder in the theme’s folder. Sometimes it happens that during the upload it will be something like
    /themes/borderline/borderline/ – and the files are in the second one.

    Thanks! that totally worked!

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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