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  • Plugin Author joost de keijzer


    Hi Edi,

    The site is not mine.

    I’ll look into the name confusion…



    Yes, it’s a really strange site.

    Heck I bought it. I can confirm it works! whoop whoop!

    I specifically needed to use a bunch of WooCommerce images for a multisite multi store (hence multiple prices) set up. I sent an email, dude responded. I bought it. On with life I go!

    I opened up the files and you’re even credited. Dude, I remember posting a question about this over on your git hub page. Anyhow, you’re credited.

    Plugin Author joost de keijzer


    Hi Brad,

    I see you own that domain ( ) so I don’t really understand your comments above about “buying it” or “emailing the dude”.

    Anyway, the code is GPL (as is any WordPress plugin) so your’e free to use the code within that license.

    But I would greatly appreciate you choose another name for your version of the plugin, to prevent confusion.




    Perhaps it works, rather not. There is no address on the site, no support forum, no changelog, even no information, if updates are included.

    Oh, sorry. I emailed, posted on git, tweeted, and anything else I (actually ‘we’~ there’s three of us) could do to get some feedback and contribute.

    When that never happened, we moved forward. And yes, technically, I was the one who “bought” the domain (but definitely not the only one contributing)

    Edi, the site is super fresh. Glad to see it’s been ‘found’ by folks, but what would you “like” to …”see” for an address… my house? lead devs house in UK? other guy’s house in Seattle? or a P.O. Box that we’d rent?

    Here’s the deal w/ the licenses: There’s only one version. As in, we just finished it, passed it around in the Advanced WordPress Group a bit for beta testing, and then we all put the site up. Updates are definitely included since this is a ‘paid’ plugin ~ support as well! Only thing is that we haven’t even had a person ask a support question 🙂 It just works!

    We’re running nightly bleeds (on another site) to make sure we keep current with forward WP updates and WooCommerce (since that was our original goal) as well.

    Feel free to suggest any changes or description to the site! We’re more focussed on code and support rather than marketing, so.. Again, feel free to make suggestions.

    Plugin Author joost de keijzer


    I guess that answers Edi’s question.

    Moderator Ipstenu (Mika Epstein)


    🏳️‍🌈 Plugin Review Team Rep

    Brad – Your plugin is not available on – You may not use our forums for support (we don’t allow premium versions of plugins anyway) and taking over Edi’s thread like this is spamming. Stop.

    The ethics of using the name of an existing plugin is outside our purview here, but in general, it’s poor form. Asking ‘permission’ or not, you can easily run afoul of trademark and licensing laws. So in general, don’t do it.

    Edi, since your question has been answered, I’m closing this topic to stop everyone from spamming and getting in a tiff.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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