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  • We have been using MU with (all) English 4 some time (now it is MS), and find it suits our need well. Just recently, our team has expanded and now includes the Spanish section.
    Although there’s lots of plugins 4 languages, we will have new the blogs (new sub-domains) each many new Spanish shows.
    Which our blogs we use the wp_list_blogs() and wp_list_pages() 2 make dynamic lists of each. It has been working great, but will not hold 4 the Spanish section also.
    My idea was 2 have a separate installation (4 the Spanish section), is this the way 2 go? What complications will this bring?

    That also entails another issue – non-wp: ATM we have several sub-domains, where we create an A record 2 point 2 the 1 ip address. How can I get each new (Spanish) sub-domain 2 go 2 a sub-directory?

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