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  • Hi guys!
    I’m trying to modify the kubrick theme and this is the results so far:

    Link to the image

    Got a problem with the “kubrickbg-ltr.jpg” file, it seems to go beyond my footer and header. Is there a way to limit the body of the blog, so the “kubrickbg-ltr.jpg” file do not repeats itself beyond the footer and the header? I tried to change the padding of the header and of the footer with no results. The theme which I started from is the WordPress Default 1.6 (kubrick)

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  • What’s the url to your site?


    Your site isn’t loading, so I can’t see it, but maybe these Kubrick theme editing videos and template will help.
    [link moderated]

    your website (in /time/) tries to find the stylesheets in /timeline/, but doesn’t find them.


    the footer and header image have a shadow that fades to white .. your background is not white. Modify the images used and presto.

    Thank you all for the replies!
    Im sorry, the correct link is this

    I modified the header image, the footer so they can be a little transparent (they are PNGs renamed JPG), with a bit of shadow on the pattern on the background (clocks).
    Thanks Figaro for the tutorials, already watched but it doesn’t talk about moving the header or other parts.
    I just need to the body of the blog to be a bit shorter, so it doesn’t go beyond the header and the footer.

    Thanks so much for support

    You have that because you made the outside edges of your header and footer transparent, so the repeating ltr image is showing through. You can compensate by opening style.css and changing the header height from 200px to about 194px and changing the footer padding from 20px to about 18px. This won’t be perfect due to the rounded corners, but it will be close.

    Thanks a lot, you’re right, it’s close… take a look

    but look a little weird anyway :\

    If I contact the support from wordpress (’cause Heilemann doesn’t ask about this theme anymore, quite rightly) maybe can I solve? Maybe putting hands on the php files as well…

    Thanks so much

    This is wordpress support. Again, since you made the outside edges of the header and footer transparent…that’s about as close as you can get…you could adjust the footer a bit more though.

    If you want it to look real clean with a repeating background, then you should edit the images to remove the rounded corners and the drop shadows around the images. Then your repeating background will cleanly run behind your blog area…see below for an example.
    [link moderated]

    Thanks very much figaro for support!
    I like the rounded border like I have in my blog right now.
    I’ve got an idea. If could be possible, I can say to the css to start the repeating background from a certain high, like 70px from the top? This way the portion above the header will be transparent, is that possible?
    Thanks again

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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