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  • I’m trying to figure out how to change the type of font and size in my posts. Right now my posts come out as Times New Roman 17pt. I can change each post manually to Helvetica (which I know will render as other fonts in some others’ browsers, and that’s fine) but would rather do it in the style.css.

    The problem is I can’t change the fonts. There are three font stacks in style.css in a section called TYPOGRAPHY. Brunelleschi has three font sets you can choose from, and the one I chose is called Modern. But these are not labeled in the style.css file so you have to guess which group of fonts in the code is the group you’re using. Since one font stack had Times New Roman, the font my posts default to, I figured that particular list of fonts was Modern. I tried to change the fonts, but nothing happened.

    Also, I can’t find where the size of the font is defined.

    Any thoughts?

    Theme: Brunelleschi (using a child theme)

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  • I still need help on changing the font in the style.css, but I did figure out the font size.

    I edited the font size in these lines in my child theme:

    #main textarea {
    		color: #333;
    		font-size: 15px;
    		line-height: 24px;

    Just changed the 15px to 14px and it worked like a charm.

    Still, if anyone knows how to change the font itself I could REALLY use the help. Thanks!

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