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  1. aerojad
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    I joined up here a couple weeks ago after a friend told me about this wonderful bit of software. I'm a MovableType convert and I just can't believe how better this software is than what I was using before. I love it, and after finding a style I like and some tweaking, I now have my site to show, all WordPress-ized :)


    The only abnormal thing, I suppose, is that I don't use comments via WP, but instead use IPB as a community backend. At the moment "backend" means I just link to a same post I make on the board, but hopefully someday I can dream up some sort of way to mesh the two.

    Hopefully you like it? I'd also like to link to some other blogs so anyone who would be interested in trading links, or know someone who might, drop an email: aerojad at gmail.com.

    Credit where credit is due:
    Theme: Journalized Sand from the 1.5 WP theme competition
    IPB Latest posts (right side of page): IPB SDK (which can do so, so much more, and will eventually be a roadmap to that IPB intergration)
    News feeds (right side of page, further down): Magpie RSS.

    So... thanks for stopping by, anyone that does.

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