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  • Congrations for the site!

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    Yes, we can find one item which called “Moon Crest Knife” and we can purchase it online and pay it via paypal. But it seemed that it is not easy to find out the “Shipping Rates”.

    My website is about the traditional culture of China, you can find more interest items from

    Shipping Rates are pretty easy to find out. Just go to the Shipping Rates page. Seems like you just wanted to plug your site.

    Very nice ecommerce site!

    Are you using a ecommerce module for wordpress?

    Good work!

    Nice website! Congratulations

    Hi SS_Minnow, I have visit your website ( again, it seems that you have add some new items to it.
    Yes, you are welcome to visit our blog.

    Gargoyle Incense Burner looked cool… nice website! 🙂

    Thanks for the positive responses. It’s not my site. I put it together for a friend and she now maintains it. The site uses eShop to handle the ecommerce functions. I tested several ecommerce plugins for WordPress and chose this one because it makes SEO-friendly links and is easy to set up and use and looks good (IMO).

    Haven’t seen many e commerce blogs using wordpress so i liked this one very much, with wordpress seo is usually good and looks like you found a good plugin for it too, am sure selling things will be lot easy on that blog because its very relevant,

    One reason for using WordPress for ecommerce is cost. With most ecommerce packages you need to buy a SSL certificate every year, and some require a special hosting setup which can mean that hosting costs more. I had one ecommerce site running with Miva Merchant and moved it from a host that was charging $65/month to a host that was charging $50/month. Now it’s on a host that charges $7.95/month using WordPress & eshop. The only downside is that the site no longer accepts credit cards directly. Only Paypal (but Paypal can process a credit card even if the purchaser does not have a Paypal account).

    Ecommerce software is being constantly improved by our team of qualified Ecommerce professionals. We have carefully gathered together an impressive set of inclusive features in all our packages and we are confident these cannot be found anywhere else at our prices, and with our flexible terms.

    good-looking web site, indeed))))
    eCommerce almost always looks nice, because even if the background is poor, nice and colorful product images are great)
    but it’s not about your site) I like the background there)
    just when I was about to launch me online store, I used eCommerce Templates

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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