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  • I have gotten the “e-mail this post” plug-in working. But when you look at the plug-in demo you see a tidy “window” whereas when you look at mine, it’s huge and has a bunch of warnings at the bottom. To see what I mean, hit my blog and try the email this article link. Does anyone know how to make this look a bit better?


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  • Some reason it’s borking with your searchform (two forms clashing?) from your sidebar. One solution would be to remove the get_sidebar from the wp_email file, and see what it looks like, and then possibly create some custom styles for the wp_email page.

    This is getting me in to right direction. I was at least able to get rid of all of the warnings. I’m sure I could do something with CSS if I knew:
    A) how to force wp-email.php to look for a specific .CSS and
    B) where to put the .CSS

    I’m not an expert at this, but looking at your CSS and the wp_email file, it calls for a class of narrowcolumn, which you don’t have in your CSS.
    So you could add to the Body and Page Layout Section of your CSS something like:
    .narrowcolumn {
    your style here
    That may get you closer to where you want to go.

    This is helping a lot. I got the mail “window” looking OK by adding the narrowcolumn class to my .CSS. Now if I coulf get rid of the header and footer so as to just have the mail “box” itself displayed, I could sleep tonight!

    Thanx Again

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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