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  • Chizuna


    Hi all.

    I have decided to take the scary plunge into the world of blogging and have been researching everything from theme design to SEO and security.

    But I’m still unsure as to which domain extension to take!!

    I have seen many posts about this but I’m hoping I can have opinions as to my situation.

    I live in the UK.

    The future blog will be general but will have info on UK places.

    I may eventually monetize the blog through advertising if I believe it’s worth it, (not sure if location matters with this or if the big A and G use location of the user)

    I am looking at hosting in the US as money is an issue and I keep seeing good things about a certain host.

    I would ideally like it to be more global but would the UK areas of interest be strange on a .com?

    Any opinions would be great!

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  • The location of your blog doesn’t matter – the location of your viewers does, when it comes to monetizing through advertising. Your advertisers are buying pageviews from potential customers based on the content you write and the location of the viewer (E.g. targetting pageviews from the UK for content tagged as Entertainment).

    If your audience is located in the UK, perhaps hosting it there might make up for a better user experience for them (with the site potentially loading faster since it’s physically closer to the audience). It’s a bit difficult to answer that without actually comparing the experience of visiting your site if it’s hosted in the US vs visiting the site hosted in the UK. If the US hosting company has a good reputation, then I would guess it’s not your biggest worry, at least not to begin with. Thankfully you’re (usually) not stuck with the hosting provider you choose, if your hosting experience turns out to be bad – simply switch providers.

    Regarding the extension, if you think your audience will mind, being in the UK and all that, then I’d go for a .*.uk extension. Otherwise just go for a domain name that’s easy to remember/pronounce, regardless of the domain extension.

    There is no silver bullet other than producing quality content that others will link to.

    Those are just my two cents, hope they can be of some help to you.



    Thanks for the reply!

    You’ve helped quite a bit actually.

    I’ve read people say hosting in uk is faster/higher search rank and people say it doesnt matter so I’ve decided for now its probably not a big enough difference.

    Well I do want the audience to be mainly UK based but its planned as an information blog, so I wasn’t sure if .com would be more…embracing?

    Although I do believe US users also visit .uk sites regularly, so I suppose .uk it is!

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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