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    Hi Guys,

    I’ve encountered another display issue, in two parts:

    1) My page template has a side bar, but on any page with the [sign up sheet] short code, it is removed from the right side and is appended below the last thing on the page (in my case, a couple of pictures that I put under the [sign up sheet] inclusion.

    2) The more interesting may not be a bug, just a “feature.” When I click a sheet to view, instead of taking me to a new page (as the previous version seemed to) the list appears in place. I wonder if that can be changed back or made an option. My page needs some explanation text on it, and it’s not immediately apparent that the list has been expanded. It just looks exactly the same. In addition, it would be a distinct advantage to have a link to a specific sheet page instead of having to click to a list of sheets and then click a sheet. With a separate sheet, I can imagine lots of us who would like to put up a post that links to a single referenced list.

    I have (or will have) lots of different kinds of things people might sign up for. I wonder if in a future update you could include the ability to have a “menu” page like now, AND the ability to put a specific sheet or sheets (and just that sheet or sheets) in a post or on a page. ID tags make a lot of sense to me, either that or separate short codes for each specific sheet.

    Thanks in advance for any help you can offer. It’s a good plug in, and it’s on it’s way to being a great one.

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  • Plugin Author DLS Software Studios


    The issue with your sidebar should now been fixed with Sign-up Sheets plugin v1.0.3.

    Regarding your second bullet point, that is the current functionality. However, I have added your comments to our list of possible improvements for future versions. Thanks for your feedback!

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