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  • I was hoping for some feedback from developers who may already be using this plugin:

    I am in the process of developing a debugging plugin for use on production websites. I have a specific need and started to write code before I even knew that “Debug Bar” existed.

    My intention is to include a number of features that aren’t possible in the current plugin and probably beyond its intended scope:

    1. Conditional loading for more than just admin/super admin. It’s often useful to debug under a non-administrative set of capabilities. It’s also important to gather information from third parties during a remote support scenario, under their active session. This would be controlled by an admin, assigned to a user.

    2. Conditional and manual activation of debugging reporting. You wouldn’t want to set WP_DEBUG true on a live server. Why not change the related error logging settings per-request and per-user? This is only possible to a limited extent.

    3. Result collection. Both in the remote support scenario mentioned above and other “profiling” scenarios, it’s helpful to have some historical data. By separating debug output from page output, we can keep the data in front of us. This could be useful for AJAX debugging.

    Is this something that the WP dev community would find useful? What features have you wished you had while troubleshooting a live site?

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