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  • Plugin Author Emre Vona


    Actually, it is not possible 🙂

    Delete Cache = Delete html
    Clear Css = Delete Css + html

    3) Clear CSS only

    This is impossible because the new cached pages works but the previous cached pages don’t work in this case.

    Hmm, true.

    Explain one thing to me though.

    Why is it when I first delete cache, and then I go click to delete css it says ‘Already Deleted’ ?


    Plugin Author Emre Vona


    hmm it is a mistake 🙂 it checks only html. I need to fix it.

    Plugin Author Emre Vona


    Kramarz, I fixed it for you 🙂 Can you do these steps?

    – Deactive the plugin
    – Remove the plugin
    – remove /wp-content/cache/
    – Download the plugin again
    – Re-install

    and Can you inform me after testing please?

    Ye, I got the ‘Minified CSS and JS files have been deleted’ message now.

    Hmm, can I suggest something?

    I think it would be more clear if you would name those tabs like:

    Tab Name – ‘Delete HTML Cache’
    Description (the one you see when you open the tab) – By clicking button below all cached HTML versions of your pages will be deleted. CSS and JS cache will stay intact. To start fresh and empty all cache (for example if you modified your css styling) use ‘Delete All Cache’ tab.

    Tab Name ‘Delete All Cache’
    DescriptionBy clicking button below ALL Cached files (HTML, CSS, JS) will be deleted and caching process will begin from the start. Useful if you have made some major changes to your website. To empty only HTML cache use ‘Delete HTML Cache’ tab.

    Or something like that, I guess you know what I mean.

    As to messages after clicking buttons:

    After clicking ‘Delete HTML Cache’ message would say:
    ‘Your HTML cache is now empty, you CSS and JS are still cached.’

    After clicking ‘Delete All Cache’:
    ‘All Your website’s cache is now empty, it will build itself with time’

    What you think? 🙂

    Kind Regards

    Plugin Author Emre Vona


    ok. is it your las decision? I can add them because you users use this plugin and you can decide about everything 🙂 If you are sure about it, tomorrow I will modify the descriptions.

    No no mate,

    I just think at the moment those description don’t fully describe what happens when each of the tabs buttons gets cleared, at least for me.
    But I’m not English native speaking.
    Leave it as it is until someone else will say it’s not clear for them as well.


Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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