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  • Hello all,

    Have been researching endlessly and trying different methods for fixing the vanished Visual Editor problem some of our clients are experiencing since updating to 3.9.1.

    I’ve noticed a heck of a lot of discussion on this problem:

    Anyway, after doing some JS debugging, and following the suggestions here (and the very last Step 4):, here is my info for this bug:

    • the browsers that you are experiencing the problem in: Firefox 29.0.1, Internet Explorer 11.0.9*, other browsers not yet tested
    • whether SCRIPT_DEBUG fixed the error or not: No
    • the JavaScript error:
      "Deprecated TinyMCE API call: <target>.onNodeChange.add(..)" plugin.min.js:1
    • the location of the error – both the file name and the line number: …/wp-includes/js/tinymce/plugins/compat3x/plugin.min.js?ver=4021-20140423
    • the context of the error – including the whole error stack will help developers: [codeblock snipped by moderator. Please use Pastebin for code blocks over ten (10) lines and post the link here.]

    We’ve tried everything from the concatenated fix from here:, to deactivating plug-ins, and so on.

    Note that for the theme we are using the Turbo Editor (theme is Ariele by DXThemes, who are no longer supporting their WP themes it appears — it has been more than a year since they have answered any support queries for it, even though it is a commercial theme).

    If someone could please help us that would be greatly appreciated.

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  • Does this problem still persist if you change themes? If you haven’t tried, consider activating the Twenty Fourteen theme to see if your unsupported theme is causing the problem.

    Another temporary solution might be reverting to an older version of the site, if you have maintained back-ups.

    Hope I could help, and good luck in your investigation!

    Thanks Space Wizard for the reply. I wouldn’t want to revert to an older version for fear of opening a security hole with the site. And everywhere on the WP forums they strongly recommend against rolling back to a previous version.

    I activated one of the default themes (TwentyFourteen I think) and it worked fine and the Editor went back to normal.

    The client really cannot afford to re-build the site in a different theme, and they’re really stuck to this particular theme that they like so much. Is there any way, with the information I’ve provided above, that someone knows of a solution/hack/fix that I can apply?

    have you contacted the theme developer?

    Yep. As I put in my original post:

    … (theme is Ariele by DXThemes, who are no longer supporting their WP themes it appears — it has been more than a year since they have answered any support queries for it, even though it is a commercial theme).

    We had previously received replies from them on certain things to fix with the theme when we got it over a year ago. So it appeared supported, it has a following, and so on.

    Now with this new Visual Editor problem, we’ve attempted to contact them for support and they’re completely unresponsive. Even their Facebook profile is filled with people asking them why they are not answering: (

    Hi all,

    Is no one able to help with this one?


    Really looking to keep this theme at all costs, as the client is very much attached to it.

    TurboEditor for WordPress doesn’t seem to be maintained or updated. From what I can see it is only affecting a small portion of the site.

    Any advice/tips would be greatly appreciated, especially for how we can try to pin-point the JavaScript conflict (if that’s the case) that’s causing this to happen.

    many thanks

    I have bought some themes from DXThemes as well…
    Same issues as yours, and I have found out that I can disable that Turbo Editor and continue with posting using shortcodes instead of that fancy editing … 🙂
    To disable Turbo Editor I have commented a line in functions.php:
    //wp_enqueue_script(‘tooltip’, TEMPLATEURL.’/js/’,array(‘jquery’));

    Of course I don’t really know that this line is in your theme but .. if there is a chance …

    My way with this themes is that if I want to write I disable that T.E. and after I have finished editing, re-enable that T.E.

    You can be more specific in your case, (like the link to your site in question) and I will look …



    @xenno can you help me use dxthemes with shortcodes??

    i dont their shortcodes.. i am unable to find either. please can you help.



    Uf … if you are in your lucky day… maybe I did bought the same theme as you.
    Can you name your theme? I will look on my packages and see if there is anything that I could do to help you!

    Thank you!

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