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  1. ecoenrg
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    My website is http://ecoenrg.com and I'm using last version wordpress. All fine till today when "accidentally" I found out about a web tool called "URL Redirect Server Response Check" and to my surprise, my site was continuously redirecting to a random url like: "/?ad3e5740" "/?01b4ef00" and so on changing every minute I think using a 302 Moved Temporarily redirect.
    I tried using both http://ecoenrg.com and http://www.ecoenrg.com with that tool but same result was giving : 302 Moved Temporarily redirect ecoenrg.com/?ad3e5740 and/or http://www.ecoenrg.com/?ad3e5740
    If I type the url in the address bar it goes directly to my website without adding the extra ?char at the end.
    My question is how can I get rid of this annoying redirect and get a simple 200OK code?

    The tool is http://www.seologic.com/webmaster-tools/url-redirect.php

    Thank You,

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