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  • Hello,

    There were a lot of publications about it (but no mentions on, now I have installed 4.7 and tested myself.
    in a browser gives a list of users.
    And the REST API enabled by default.

    Is it a bug or a feature?

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  • It is by design. WordPress Core Developers do not consider such user information as needing to not be so easily publicly available. I personally disagree, but, they run the show.

    Note: It outputs the users names, the users login names, and the user ids, associated sites, etc.

    If you want it changed, try adding a ticket in Trac:

    I found this plugin, but not sure I want to disable the REST API in total:

    Note: Some user info has been available using //, where the # is the user id, and still is.

    There are a few restrictions on the data that’s shown here. In particular, only authors (users with published, publicly-available posts) are available when listing, and only information that’s already public is shown.

    In particular, things like ID, username, display names, avatar URLs are all publicly-available via theme templates and feeds. We took specific care when designing the API to only expose what was already there.

    If you’re concerned about this being an issue, I’d recommend installing a privacy-related plugin that handles all of these (including feeds), such as iThemes Security (see their post on this topic).

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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