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  1. ericfrederich
    Posted 8 years ago #

    I'm wanting to set up WordPress in a corporate environment. Rather than have a blog for each person in this department (since only a handful will post anyway), I was thinking of making it public so anybody can post.

    Another thing I wanted to do (to kill two birds with one piece of software) is to use wordpress as a suggestion box where people can anonymously make posts.

    My idea was to have a Category called 'Suggestions' for these to be collected in.

    Some possibilities I thought of were to just create an anonymous account and have the password be public. The other thing I was thinking of was using that 'Writing by e-mail' feature and just telling people to e-mail a certain address and it will be posted.

    So, my questions....
    1. When using that Writing by e-mail feature (under options->writing) will posts be identified by the e-mail address anywhere in the post?

    2. Are there plugins for this which would make my life easier?

    Thanks for any help.


  2. Instead of the built in write-by-mail feature, I prefer to use Postie: http://www.economysizegeek.com/?page_id=395

    It gives you much more control than the default write-by-mail feature does.

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