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  • Something like this would give visitors an easy way to fill up your database VERY quickly if they wanted to!
    Why not just use an email form of some type?

    Well it would need to first have to be reviewed. Wouldn’t really eat up that much db.

    MtDew was correct, it would in fact eat up your dbase. Although it would be set for “review”, there must be someplace to store it. The place to store it, therefore, would be your dbase and the only difference would be an added column of “approved” or something of that nature.

    Well nevermind waste of time asking if anyone has done this before. Didn’t need to know why not to do it. Have done it before and will just do it again.

    And just so ya know its as easy as one line of code to stop too many posts to be submitted without being reviewed. Could have like a limit of 5 submissions that need to be reviewed.

    Why not just have the posters register so then you know who they are?

    Because I don’t want it like that?

    I think I figured out a easy way anyway. Thanks for all the help.

    infecto – I might be interested. The lastest thing in blogging is something caleld “Friday Free For All” where some people open their blogs (in a controlled manner) to the rest of the world to add entries to. (see more here: I can see where this kind of hack would could be used for this. As long as the admin (or “authorized” users) are still able to maintain some kind of control over what’s going on.

    this would be indeed something to look into, in future wp-releases, I think.
    Spamming the db wouldnt really be too much a problem. Just limit things to 5 submissions per IP (or username?).

    No FFAFer (Free-For-All Friday Participant) has ever reported getting spammed since the first event. This is probably because we have an advantage – there’s no known spamming software for spamming by posting – only commenting.

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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