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    Just wondering what the criteria was to receive an annual report as it was something I was really looking forward to this year. I understand not everyone gets one.

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  • Do you use jetpack? I believe that would be the #1 criteria, as that’s how your data is collected

    Yes I do but there’s no link to any annual report that I can see.

    I don’t think a link shows up there… jetpack is just how .COM gets your data to be able to compile the reports (I just wanted to make sure you were using jetpack, otherwise there would be no report)

    I received my links to my annual reports for my sites via email.

    I hadn’t thought of it before, but only my 2 busiest sites got reports… my remaining sites which have minimal traffic did not get report notifications – so there must be further criteria I’m not aware of….

    Ah ok. I’ve definitely had the blog over a year but it was transferred from the free one to a self-hosted one in April. Jetpack has been running pretty much the whole time. No email though unfortunately.

    Hi, go to your blog’s dashboard, click “site stats” (under dashboard on your left hand). Then on top of your graphical blog stats you must be find “Check out the fireworks you created on your 2012 Annual Report.” with lamp picture. click on “annual report” then on the right of your annual report you might choose go public, after that go to bottom and you could choose “post on your post”.
    Hope can help.

    Thanks for the response. I think that’s the problem, there’s no link or lamp image to click on and no email.

    Just “Did you know you can view enhanced stats on the homepage? Check it out now. Now with 100% more visitor stats!”

    In between “Did you know you can view enhanced stats on the homepage? Check it out now. Now with 100% more visitor stats!” and your graphical stats.
    You didn’t find it?

    No, there’s nothing in between the two. That’s why I suspect not everyone gets them which is a shame.

    Hi, if you don’t mind to visit my blog, I have captured the screen and shared it on my blog with address
    Hope it’s can help you.

    @suharjowd – that screenshot is from a wordpress.COM blog.

    I would imagine that all .COM blogs have the reports available. .ORG blogs do not. The jetpack plugin must be installed first and foremost. However, it appears some folks are still not getting the report.

    Also, it does not appear in the location you are showing on .ORG blogs that I’ve ever seen. My only notification was an email.

    Ups.. okay, I am sorry for this misunderstanding, I thought this support web for discuss about also.

    No, this is self hosted WordPress only.

    How old is your blog? I didn’t get it on one site that was only a few months old.

    It was originally created at the site on the 3rd Dec 2011 but was moved to a self-hosted site in Apr last year. It’s been connected to jetpack the whole time.

    I’ve tagged this for jetpack. I don’t know th criteria they use for that offhand, but I’m pretty sure your stats reset when you moved to self hosted.

    Could be wrong. I moved to self hosted before we had Jetpack!

    Thanks for that.

    Yes they did reset (or at least weren’t carried over). I’m only curious because other blogger friends I know had reports from blogging less than a year – although they were on the free site.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 17 total)
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