• Installed this, made an elaborate contact form, only to discover that when I want to save the form I am required to create an account. The account seems to be free but it’s not entirely clear for how long.

    The annoying part was that after making an account, the entire contact form I made before was gone! Hit the back button but nothing.

    Also the contact form seems to be hosted on the formget.com site, which will slow down you page. To integrate the form on your site you have to copy some javascript code into the <head> tag of your page… exactly the kind of hassle that a good plugin should avoid!

    Gonna uninstall this now.

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    Hello Sebtanic,

    As of now FormGet contact form is completely free upto 300 entries, After that you can upgrade to pro version of the plugin.

    It’s a common process over internet that you need a account to use the any service you like. After creating form on FormGet when you hit the save button, It ask you to make the account and once your account is created, Your form will automatically save to the admin panel and you can integrate the form on any website you like.

    All the advance application Google analytics, Google adsense, Youtube, Vimeo use javascript code to show there services and they do not slow down the website, So FormGet use same type of coding and it won’t slow down your website at any cost, We have fully tested it on all platform. So FormGet Work fine.

    It’s very easy to paste the code in the head section of the application, In plugin we have created textarea to paste the javascript code, Once you hit the save button under textarea your code will automatically save to head section of website. No coding skill required.

    Plugin is extremely easy to use and you will surely love to use it, once you get familiar with it.

    If you need any help, Do let me know.
    Tutorial link: http://wordpress.org/plugins/formget-contact-form/screenshots/

    Pankaj Agarwal

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