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  • I use this plugin for a long time. Amazing work.

    However the recent affiliate ad in the last update, appears over and over even after closing.

    Did you know Autoptimize includes on-the-fly image optimization and CDN via ShortPixel? Check out the Autoptimize Extra settings to activate this option.

    This also seems to me contradicting to the honorable principles behind the plugin mentioned at

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  • Plugin Author Optimizing Matters


    Given the fact the shortpixel optimization is part of AO, this is not really an affiliate ad, but rather a notice pointing out the new functionality (which is free for low volumes).

    That being said, the fact you can’t dismiss it is very annoying and does happen in some cases (a minority) due to the transient (a kind of WordPress data cache) not working as expected. We’re looking into a fix in the framework library used, but in the mean time you can remove the notice with this code snippet;

    add_filter( 'autoptimize_filter_main_imgopt_plug_notice', '__return_empty_string' );

    hope this clarifies & helps,
    frank (oh, and I still don’t accept donations 😉

    Plugin Author Optimizing Matters


    so Daniel, if you want there’s a potential fix for the notice’s non-dismissable state you found, would be great if you could download the github version and check if the “try shortpixel” notice can be dismissed (technical details; the PAnD framework library now doens’t use transients any more to store notice status, but an option).

    looking forward to your feedback! 🙂

    Hello Frank,
    I uploaded the version you provide but it didn’t change anything.
    Also after purgin the “SG Cache”.

    Plugin Author Optimizing Matters


    so you used installed the version from github, saw the notice but you still can’t successfully dismiss it Daniel?

    Frank, after checking again, I realized the issues was on my side.
    My apologies. I thought the uploaded plugin was activated, but that wasn’t the case due that I didn’t deactivate the pervious version.

    The message now doesn’t reappear after closing it.

    Well done!

    Plugin Author Optimizing Matters


    Thanks for the confirmation, this will go in 2.4.2 out later this month Daniel.

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