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  • Yeah the plugin is good, far from being perfect but the low rating it’s merited!!!

    BUT why do you take the right to show a notification that can’t be disabled or doesn’t even have a X EVERYTIME I deleted something in my WP, promoting your premium stuff???


    If I want the pro I buy it, with this tactic you are just making people hate your plugin.

    It’s so arrogant from you!

    btw, I use a plugin called redirection that does your same job regarding redirections BETTER THAN YOU and WITHOUT annoying with notifications!

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    Hi @schifo,

    Thanks for your comment.

    When you delete a post from your website, Yoast SEO shows a notification suggesting you create a redirect to avoid a 404 error on the deleted URL. This notification shouldn’t prevent you from using the plugin normally and you can close it by just clicking the X icon in the upper right-hand corner.

    a) yeah sure… which is equal to say: I put advertising on your mailbox, then you can always delete it!
    >> it’s up to you NOT to spam our wordpress EACH time anything is deleted, it’s not up to the users to delete the notification everytime this happens!! It’s simply unprofessional, unethic and not right!!!

    If you would have been an honest company/plugin, you would have inserted an option on your settings with “disable redirect notifications”.

    a) there is no X in the last version of the plugin… so it’s even worst!!

    blah, after this answer I will stay away from your plugin forever !

    Plugin Support monbauza


    Hi @schifo,

    In the latest version of the plugin – Yoast SEO v12.7.1 – it IS certainly possible to close the redirect notification. See screencast for your reference.

    We understand that you don’t like to see any ads or notifications in the free plugin. These ads are shown in specific areas in the backend and shouldn’t cause you much trouble. At the moment, the only way to completely deactivate ads in the Yoast SEO plugin is to modify the plugin code (or use Yoast SEO Premium).

    That said, our team is already working on a new design that will make the plugin ads more subtle.

    a) yeah sure…..

    b) don’t call that notification… it’s an AD, a PROMOTIONAL AD

    c) it’s not up to you to decide if it’s “shouldn’t cause you much trouble” or not….do you imagine if EVERY plugin does something similar? Do you imagine each users WP experience? it would become a nightmare!
    Also, on small screen your super big ad is pushing the content almost below the fold!!!!!

    d) “At the moment, the only way…” NO, it’s NOT AT THE MOMENT, it HAS ALWAYS BEEN LIKE THAT SINCE YEARS….

    e) “modify the plugin code” ….”our team is already working” c’mon it’s 7 php lines to set an option to disable that shit, it’s just that is not conveninent for you!!

    I am active in many communities and forums and the abuse of Yoast with this promotion is always up as a topic and disgusting thing you guys do… I don’t live in narnia

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    Plugin Support monbauza


    Hi @schifo,

    The notification/ad is relevant SEO-wise, that’s why we show it. If you don’t take any actions when you delete a page, your users and search engines will end up on a 404 page which is not always the best solution. Although there’s no setting in the plugin interface to disable the notification/ad, if you really don’t like it, you can always modify the plugin behavior to your needs.

    Who makes you think that I don’t do nothing for redirections?
    That’s the point of yoast team… you see all matters only from your perspective not from the user one (ie. users can use a different solution implemented than your pro yoast… ).
    And I already mentioned this in the message above, I also see that you just don’t read messages or you don’t memorize them… (last sentence, first message)

    And NO, I can’t modify the plugin to my needs:
    a) because I don’t like to tweak into the PHP code
    b) at each yoast update my work would revert back
    c) I am not competent enough to do so and I shouldn’t (I am an entrepreneur not a coder)
    d) it’s not my task/job to disable a recurrent AD of your plugin
    e) your are making your problem mine!!! (and yes, if you care about your users, this is YOUR problem) > it’s YOUR job to do so or at least offer the option to do so on settings

    Moderator Marius L. J.


    @wordpressdublin I’ve archived your reply here, please do not jump on other users reviews to spread displeasure with a plugin, you may write your own review for that.

    Your account is flagged for such behavior multiple times in the past, I do see you’ve not been properly educated on this, so here goes;

    Being flagged means one of our volunteer moderators will have to manually approve your posts before they become public here on the forums. It also means no notifications are generated when you write something here. There is no fixed time for when a flag is removed, it all depends on when the moderators feel you’ve followed the support guidelines and are no longer likely to misbehave.

    @homelesshenry I’ve removed your remark from this review, it provided no value and was honestly more of a personal attack than anything.

    @schifo I’ve made a small adjustment to your review in that I replaced a bad word with a nicer one.

    Now then, this review has spiraled far further than it needs to, and I am closing it.

    The reviewer is still free to update their review whenever they wish, but it is apparent there is no productive discussion at this point, and

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