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  • Hey folks,
    There’s a bug on my Website… I’m trying to fix the code but I found nothing yet that could fix it…

    Basically the issue is that the div “page” is not following along with the div “content” even if it’s containing it. In other words, the div page contains the div content…I think it has something to do with the sidebar cause the div page will resize according to the sidebar’s height…
    If you guys have firebug installed on your browser… please take a look at it… my website is the following:

    Now I’m trying to make a large footer (which is not live yet)…
    When I do it and test it… The footer goes all the way up and sticks right under the sidebar… WHY ??? Why is the page div not responding as it should ???

    Thank you guys… once again, the bug can be found at:

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  • I am going to guess it is an issue of a div needing to be cleared. Can’t be 100% sure without seeing the footer in there so I can mess with it using Firebug.

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