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    I’m about to finish all I wanted to do on my new website but there is one problem left that I can’t solve.

    Every browser has tabs on the top and there website title is displayed. On homepage title is ok “Homepage”, on forum also ok “Homepage » Forums”. But any another page has for example “Homepage » Archive » Subpage_name”… And my question is: how to get rid of “archive” in the title? And leave just “Homepage » Sugpage_name”.

    Here is little pic:

    Thanks in advance

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  • Best way to control this is to use an SEO plugin handle that. They allow you to set Page Titles, Descriptions and much more. They are actually pretty powerful plugins.

    As you set up the plugin, you’ll be able to control those titles for every page type, whether it is a single post, a single webpage, archive pages and more.

    Here are links to two of the better ones, in order of popularity:

    Almost working

    Now instead of “Homepgae » Archive » Subpage_name
    is “Homepage » Archive Subpage_name

    And whats more, when I go to the post tab in admin panel, there is something titled “SEO Title” and title for each post is “Subpage_name”, so it seems to be ok. Only on browser tab there is still a word “Archive”, it seems to be connected with every post title, automatically added or something. I will try once again to find something in php files

    Wish me luck

    I figured out that this problems is related with theme I use. In other themes titles are different.

    So my new question is, in which php file you can set template of page/post title? And what line/lines should I search for and then change?

    I don’t have experience in any programming, but I always find solution for most of the problems, this time I’m stuck …



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    the meta title code is likely to be found in header.php of a theme;

    something with <title><?php ..... ?></title>

    I can see what was the problem now. Why I couldn’t solve that.

    I use total commander v7.50a, there is an option to view the file (F3) and to edit the file (F4). To view file it uses Lister application. Since Lister has more clear arrangment, better appearance I was using F3 option rather than F4. I found out that there is just few lines of code while using F3, don’t know why, and all content of a file is visible when using F4. So I found easily meta title and changed it.

    Thanks for help 🙂

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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