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  • For someone who is a developer creating a Marketing tool for Marketing people, a tip:

    Don’t hobble your product features in a trial copy. It defeats the purpose, particularly with the poor track record WordPress plug-in vendors have, of making sure their products work.

    It makes me think that you’re not really trying to create a trial version so people can test it with. It makes me think that you’re just trying to use a marketing tactic to drive business. Although the latter might work, it doesn’t make me want to buy from you; it makes me want to look for anyone other than you to buy from.

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  • Plugin Author Haktan Suren


    Hi @marissawright,

    Really curious what makes you think that way? This plugin has been FREE for years and happy to serve the community since it is first released. I don’t think you can show me ANY plugin that would give you this many features for free in entire WP and this is reflected to the numbers of download and 5 stars feedback.

    If this was a marketing tactic, we’d not provide half of the features in the FREE version.

    You are welcome to Google my name and products out there and see the contributions I made in open-source community for years. Maybe it will change your mind then.

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    The problem is that it is disingenuous to offer a free product with the expectation that a prospective customer can test properly before making a buying decision. It is a sunk cost customer retention model that shifts the primary costs of deployment from the cost of your plug in to the costs involved in configuration and deployment.

    I’m not unaware that others do this. However, it’s annoying to have to pay up front to do testing, and then request money back in hopes that someone will actually refund the money.

    I have 39 years in the technology business and an MBA; I’m not just venting about an inconvenience. I’m pointing out a very real problem that not only your approach causes, but the problem that others that follow this same model create for prospective customers.

    The WordPress plug-in industry is full of products that claim to do things, but they are full of bugs and problematic UI/UX issues. This is a fact. It appears that developers of plug-ins expect their customers to participate in bug identification and UI/UX problems instead of dealing with those issues before they go to market. It is a source of huge cost impact on the customers.

    I charge $200 an hour for my time. How much do you think the fully-burdened cost of your plug in is for your customer who bought it if I’ve had to spend 2-3 hours trying to help your customer’s team resolve issues with it?

    What ends up happening with your pricing/freemium model is that a customer purchases, sinks time and effort into it, and then feels compelled because of the sunk costs to spend more time sorting out problems. Instead, they could have tried the fully functional product, saw that it wasn’t a fit, and moved on to find something that did fit.

    Instead of putting the burden on the customer, developers need to accept the burden of making a high quality competitive product that attracts customers instead of relying on a questionable freemium model that triggers sunk cost customer retention behaviour.

    Changing your approach would probably increase your business and make your prospective customers happier, and you would own the responsibility of quality control, instead of forcing customers to share the responsibility of your QA.

    Plugin Author Haktan Suren



    I’m sorry but you got this completely wrong.

    The problem is that it is disingenuous to offer a free product with the expectation that a prospective customer can test properly before making a buying decision

    This product is not a freemium version of ANY other product. This is a stand alone plugin which has been actively used by more than 70k production server for years 🙂

    V3 of the plugin is totally separate with significantly different features (which was released less than a year ago). People who upgrade to V3 know what they are signing up for (based on the features they need). That’s why our refund rate is less than 1%.

    Feel free to join our Slack channel, if you’d like to DM me.

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