• This plugin used to be very good in the past. Now it has become annoying. The grey ‘follow’ button goes to the (possibly) plugin creators website. Which is ridiculous!
    You cannot remove it.

    Also, it is not possible to eliminated the page scroll of the button, which is annoying, that buttons should follow you when you want to scroll down a page.

    Lastly, it is ‘in-your-face’ and not elegantly intertwined with a website. The choice of putting buttons in the middle of a page does not seem to work. It is right underneath the menu bar. That’s not middle.

    Anyway, this used to be a really nice plugin in the beginning. I am going to uninstall it. Waste of time.

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  • Let me address your points:

    – Email icon: There have been no chances in years. It always worked like this. And of course you can remove it (under question 1 in the plugin). Could you please try that?

    – Page scroll: Yes, they should follow you. If they don’t, it’s probably an issue with your theme. What’s your website url so that we can see?

    – Placement of icons: Again this very much sounds like an issue with your theme. And again, there have been no changes recently. You mentioned it worked correctly. If it now doesn’t, then it’s most likely theme changes which caused this.

    Please respond to do the points above. And, as everybody else does: if you face issues, please raise them in the support forum.

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